About Us

The First Jewelry House LTD is an Israeli based company devoted to the design and manufacturing of top quality jewelry.

The company was established in 1990 by Yossi Yedidsion.

FJH deals with designing, manufacturing and marketing gold and diamond jewelry. The factory and headquarters are located in Ramat-Gan, near the Israeli Diamond Center.

FJH is one of the senior jewelry manufacturers in Israel. Our goldsmiths and setters have years of experience and excellent reputation. We use the most advanced manufacturing techniques in order to supply our customers with the best quality in the market.

We cater to worldwide markets such as Europe, the Us, and China.

We specialize in manufacturing gold jewelry of any kind and own over 10,000 models which were designed by the best designers in Israel and abroad and purchased by FJH.

The website displays only a part of our vast collection and is updated regularly.

Our flagship is the huge variety of “Solitaire” (engagement) rings, which are undoubted of the best quality produced in Israel today.

The raw materials we use, live up to the highest standards and are regularly authorized by the Standards Institution of Israel.

The diamonds and gemstones which are set in the jewelry are also of the highest quality and can be delivered to satisfy specific customer demands regarding quality, size, color, and clarity.

Costumers from Israel, Europe, and the US please contact:
Yossi Yedidsion:

Chinese customers please contact:

Neil Kaplan (吴迪)
(in Israel 0526705619)
qq: 243265818


Alan Grinholz
(In Israel 0523493318)